Every now ant then I get an email from somebody I don't know and have never met. Sometimes the sender is a man sometimes a woman, but the basic subject (or rather the body) of the mail is always along the same lines.

“I suspect that my boy friend/girlfriend/husband/wife is cheating on me and I want to get profe so that I can confront him/her. Could you please hack or help me hack his/her mail account/facebook profile/computer account.”

Some years ago I would always answer these unfortunate and unhappy individuals by telling them at length the implications of law and try to explain that maybe hacking these accounts would not solve the underlying problem of trust. Then I would try to advice them to seek counseling elsewhere and work on their relationship instead.

These days I simply delete the mail from my in-box and move on with more interesting things.

I know!! It's a cruel world and I have no heart