As you probably have determined from my gauche behavior and somewhat deficit knowledge of "Con" appropriate and in-appropriate topics and such, this is going to be my first year. Hope to meet some cool people, talk to some other math guys (most people seem to be sys admins, engineers, or programmers, of course I do not actually have a valid data set on this). Anyway, I am a college kid, just moved back to Sac, have way to many computers now. I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who got started through pure mathematics like I did, I have already made significant progress towards transitioning into a math based security job (probably doing algorithm design or working for an AV company), but really want to know what the playing field is like for math guys these days. I use bsd and linux natively, can program reasonably well in a variety of languages (but not nearly well enough to consider myself a viable candidate for a software engineering job, not yet at least). I mean, I really just wanted to teach stats or AI at the PHD level but now think security is the way to go, all the funding is in CS and I have to admit it is an addicting culture once initiated. Any advice, war stories, etc, would be greatly appreciated. Example question I have, in designing a firewall (firewall x) how many pure math guys would be on the dev team at a large corporation and how any programmers? Can I even work in security with just a high level of mathematical cognizance and mediocre programming skills?