I have been extremely busy lately. As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband returned safely from Afghanistan last month. His dad returned safely to the US yesterday. After my husband came back from his deployment, we had a lot to do before moving to GA. I stayed down here a couple weeks, but I was in NC last week for an appointment. Anyone who has ever had Tricare will understand why I had to get an appointment in NC - it is not a pain to transfer coverage, but it is a pain to get an appointment on a base sometimes, particularly if you have just moved there.

During the last few weeks, I was also working on my classes, sans home internet. First, we tried to use the local ISP. After calling them several times and getting absolutely no answer, we called our property manager, and she got up with them using a different number. We tried to obtain service with this company, but the technician did not show up on the designated date and time. We called back later that afternoon, and they said he could come by our house between 4 and 6 PM that day. He never showed up, and we never heard anything else from them. Disgusted with the other company, we tried AT&T, and I now have working internet at home...finally!

I finished up my latest courses while in NC, and now I have a week off before beginning the next semester. By the way, the Computer Forensics class was awesome! My next round of courses includes Auditing, Business Continuity, and Contemporary Internet Topics. My only remaining courses will be IT Project Management, IT Security Senior Project, and one science course. I also want to take the Cyber Warfare course as an additional elective. God willing, I will finish all this and graduate in November.

I am still not completely certain about what I will do after obtaining my degree. I am considering the MS Information Security Distance Learning program at GA Tech http://www.scs.gatech.edu/future/msinfosecdistance. My current school offers a BA in Information Warfare, but it focuses more on the military/strategic side of things rather than the technical aspects. I am also considering that one, but I think the perspective of the class would make it less interesting than it should be. Do you guys think it is worth it to get a Master's, or should I just go ahead and find a job and try to get CISSP and a few other certifications? I really want to work for the government/military or an affiliated contractor.