Defcon- a few months out...

Here we go with the late nights again. Tried to sleep earlier, brain wouldn't be quiet. Had to get up, do some work. It seems to be the only way to get the ideas out.

Trek this year will be an order of magnitude more difficult.

Been musing as to what the fate of the Mystery Challenge will be after this year- Lots of people with opinions and suggestions- I've even heard rumors of people trying to usurp the contest. *shrug* I have some ideas. I don't fancy letting the mob decide, well not forcibly anyways.

DT has been really gracious the past 5 years. He and Russ have really done quite a lot to help me with the logistics of running a successful contest at Defcon. The task can be daunting at times when you're doing it alone.

The participants have really made the contest their own, and brought a life to the Challenge that has been quite the reward for me. I'm still blown away at the creativity and dedication I've seen. It was unbelievable to me that people have told me that my contest was the reason they come to Defcon.

Mystery Box has in a way grown past me, and I'm not sure what I think about that. I wonder what constitutes mental "fun", and how my stupid ideas will be received by participants all year long. I'm always afraid I'll waste their time, or that they won't enjoy this craziness yet again- for another year I've tried to set things up for the pure joy in the journey, rather than what's actually in Kuni's box like the video I recently posted.

As always I strive to capture the spirit of what I consider to be a "hacker" in the contest- bringing a bit of magic into the lives of others. I've always wanted magic in my life, and this is one avenue I've found to find it- by creating it for others.

I don't know what will happen after this year- heck, I don't know what will happen *this* year for that matter.

At the very least I'll have some great memories.