As of now, I have about two weeks left in my current semester. My papers for this semester are on Penetration Testing and...yeah, I still need to decide what my other paper is going to be on But at least the other one only has to be 8 pages.

I am scheduled to take IT Management, the Information Systems Security Senior Implementation Plan, and Astronomy next semester. The two IT/InfoSec classes are only 8-week classes, but the Astronomy class is 16 weeks. That really irritates me - I only have to take it because my forensic science class from my old school did not transfer. I may take the Cyberwarfare course for fun while I am finishing up the second half of the Astronomy course.

My husband is in his Captain's Course, and unfortunately the graduation is scheduled for the same weekend as DefCon. His parents are supposed to come for the graduation, and they will probably hang around for the entire weekend. I was really looking forward to going to DefCon this year, but I would not feel right about ditching my husband's graduation like that. Maybe next year