This is kind of a yearly rant/suggestion/statement.

If you are new to Defcon, read the FAQ - google is your friend as well, but plan on the following: (also see bottom)

1.> Bring beer / gifts for the goons.
2.> Attend Defcon 101
3.> Plan on attending the Toxic BBQ (Thur)
4.> Leave TBBQ -> Go to EFF Fundraiser Party at top of Riv by 9:00pm. Bring Cash - you will enjoy spending and donating.
5.> Go to sleep at 2:30amish

6.> Wake up, don't eat breakfast at Riv (I eat pop-tarts and beer).
7.> Go to con
8.> See 1 (Remember the blue shirts as well)
9.> Plan on attending the Forum Meet/HP Party/GoonBand - This will take up most of Friday Night and Saturday morning. (Located in Skyboxes)
10.> Sleep at 5:00am
11.> Wake up, see 6, and then 7.
12.> Plan on going to the top of the Riv that night, and look around there will be a lot of other parties and activities.
13.> Don't plan on sleeping tonight.(SAT)
14.> See 1,6 and 7.
15.> Don't leave early.
16.> Regardless of what you have heard, the con is not over until Monday Morning.

Ok - that was a brief overview - not complete - just suggestions for the first year attendee. There are MANY other events between 6pm and 6am, see your handy dandy guide and choose wisely.

Now for the fun part - my first year at any con I have been fortunate enough to get people to help guide me around, tell me where to go, help open doors, do intros ect..

If you really need help, or just a friendly suggestion - maybe you came alone (congrats!). Look me up, if you will PM me Ill give you my phone, just call or text.

It is my goal to help you have fun, enjoy the experience and meet as many interesting people you can.

Have fun.

- Dallas