Yesterday was indeed, a most wonderful blessing of a day. Last week I took the week off and went back home to move out of my apartment and into a storage unit, as previously mentioned. I decided to take on a couple of interviews as well. I mean hell, I figure, since I'm currently home, I might as well arrange a job interview for every day of the week in an attempt to GTFO from under my current employers thumb.

Lo and behold, a wonderful, profitable TINY security company scooped me up as a security researcher & support-type, and sent me an offer letter yesterday. While my adventures in travel and phones will come to an end in precisely two weeks, so will my adventures in megacorps.

I couldn't be more excited about that.

No longer will I need to think up clever and customer-friendly responses for the moron clients that think its acceptable to make some sort of sexified comment at me. (The best and most original scenarios indeed were when I was crawling around under desks & some power-hungry technical contact thought he could get away with mentioning some sort of cocksmoking joke.) The new guys at this new company are all respectful, and would never do such a STUPID thing.

No longer do I need to witness some dude get fired because his skin is darker than mine.

No more gaining weight on the road. I can hop back on the train to BUFFTOWN.

MOAR SHOPPING! Not to be stereotypical up in this piece, but a bitch likes her shoes, son.

...and the best part is, on the rare occasion that I *do* travel, I don't have to enter expenses myself or try to manage the mountain of receipts. All I will need to do is hand the mountain over to the secretary.

Oh, thats right. Nobody will mistake me for the secretary anymore, either. Much love to the secretaries, but I'm not one.

But the biggest thing is...I'll be able to move back to my state, have myself a real home as opposed to a slew of hotels, and be able to pick my projects back up.