I’m not a huge fan of facebook. Aria, a friend of mine, kept pestering me to join. I told her I didn’t want a facebook account, my mom, 3 sisters, 2 brother in-laws, co-workers, neighbors and basically everyone is on facebook. I just don’t care to do all that social networking! I don’t want everyone knowing my business and I don’t care to know everyone’s business either. I’ve seen facebook in operation before. Everyone is talking to everyone and posting on one huge community wall. Sharing family photos, gossiping, tending to some farm! The last thing I need is my sister calling me on the phone asking why I’m not accepting her as my friend? Come on – how pathetic is that! We’re sisters for cryin’ out loud!

One day Aria approached me with a proposition. She assured me that if I created an account and accepted her invitation to a “private group” – that no one would “see me” – It would be as if I was invisible except to those who were in this so called private group, my friends. Ok, now she has my attention. I thought IF this is possible, and I can join facebook with out everyone (mostly co-workers , family and annoying neighbors) knowing about it, It’s worth a try.

I’ve had my facebook account for about 3 months now. This blows my mind that no one can actually “see me”. If you have a facebook account, you know what I'm talking about. Just to the right on almost any given screen are people you know on facebook. You see them, but they don't even know you've joined. Simply by accepting this invitation to this “secret group” even with my regular email address, first and middle name, I'm invisible. Aria proved to me the same day she helped me set up my account. I logged completely off facebook and she logged on. She conducted a search for my email address, nothing came up. Since I have an uncommon first name, she searched using my first name, ok a handful of people globally, but not me. My full name, nothing. I sat there watching her search all the different possibilities to summons me on facebook. I’m very pleased to say no results were found.

By using my user name, 111FAS the only thing you’ll find about me, via the web, is that I’m a MJ fan, but you won’t find me on facebook! As Steve Urkel would say “how’d they do that? The group I joined has 8 people in it, including myself. These 8 people are my closest friends. Still to this day, no one knows I'm on facebook.

With all that said, I’ll conclude my first blog with this...

I’m not really lost, just incognito