As some of you know if you follow me on twitter, I have been thinking about a new phone.

I use the Nokia N900, and really enjoy all its open source goodness, but support has been slow and lacking. As a serious business tool, it still does not support call groups. Fail. So I have been looking about to find something that will better aid me on the business comms side.

(Full Disclosure) I provide advice to different companies, and one of them is Lookout Software. They have spoken at DEF CON and Black Hat over the years, they were the guys with the BlueTooth sniper rifle back at the AP. Anyway, their security suite runs on Android and is pretty popular. They offered me an android phone to check it out. I chose a Dell Streak because it was almost tablet like.

NOTE: A lot of applications you find want way more permissions than they actually need. Always check what they request, and don't install something if it seems odd. For example, over half of the random password generators I tested request network access. Really? To generate random numbers?

Here is what people suggested right after I twittered asking for privacy and security tools. The list is still missing a full device / SD card encryption solution.

- Lookout - "Freemium" security tool suite. App scanner, firewall free but pay for cloud backup, etc.
- securiteinfo - A basic network auditing tool.
- appscan - kind of like the Lookout application scanner
- wifi analyser - Looks exactly like the great "WiFi Info" tool on the N900
@xuf_ recommended - KeePassDroid - a port of the KeePass Password safe.
@xuf_ recommended - PKeye - A PKI and certificate viewer for everything loaded or trusted by your device.
@xuf_ recommended - Connectbot - Secure shell (SSH) client for the Android platform.
@ITSecurity recommended - G-Mon - A cool wardriving tool that collects data, GPS location, creates a map, etc.
@richardebaker recommended - ACLS for incoming calls - I couldn't find this specific app, but there are many ACL utilities.
- APG - GPG/PGP - The best one I have found so far. Seems to be updated frequently, and it integrates with the K-9 Email application.

I have tested these to check the permissions they request, and they don't ask for more than necessary. Who knows if newer versions do, but these are a good place to start. All are found in the apps store.
- PassGenerator - This does 8 through 20 characters, upper/lower/0-9/special characters
- Password Generator - 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20, 24, 32 characters, upper/lower/ 0-9, symbols.
- Aztux Password Generator - The most simple, only generates 10 character upper/lower/0-9/symbols.
- Passwords Generator - Upper/Lower/0-9/Meta-characters, 0 to 40 characters in length.

- z4root - Thanks @rcecoder for info - Insta root your device -
- ROM manager - Manage varios phone ROM images if you have rooted your device
- clockwork recovery ROM - In case you screw up and need to restore
@grostad recommended - SL4A - A collection of tools like python, perl, lua, etc.

- Orweb - A "privacy enhanced" browser, best used with Orbot.
@sempf (Plus many others) recommended - redphone - By Moxie Marlinspike, encrypted voice communication.
@openfly (Plus many others) recommended - textsecure - By Moxie Marlinspike, encrypted sms communication between two users of the tool, also keeps your local SMS message bodies encrypted, but not who or when someone sent you an SMS.
@ bensonk42 (Plus many others) recommended - Orbot - The Android version of TOR. Works best if your device is rooted
- OtR Chat - Found on the app store. This Off the Record chat client and can use XMPP IM chat servers.
- GibberBot - Currently in Alpha ( over at the guardian project. Seems to be an updated OtR style chat client.


If you have a recommendation or suggestion to add to this list please message me here or DM me on twitter: DM thedarktangent