Around the time of my last blog entry, I was in limbo at my parents' house waiting to move into the new apartment. We finally moved in on Oct. 1, but it has taken quite a while to settle in. The movers destroyed a lot of our stuff, and we are still working on filing the claims for that. We managed to get a new bed and figured out an acceptable solution for some of our other damaged stuff, but our washer and dryer is still dead. To say I am not thrilled is an understatement. At least I finally got a decent desk and an office chair.

Leveled Up!
My official degree conferral for my BS in Information Systems Security was on Nov. 15. 4.0 GPA, FTW! I am currently working on a MS in Information Technology with a concentration in Digital Forensics. Since the infosec degree was my second bachelor's, I am glad to finally be a grad student. It makes me feel like I have "leveled up" academically. Although I am sure that I still know squat compared to most of you guys