So in my new facility as a security engineer I was sent to China to help to assess and secure a network there for the delivery of sensitive corporate IP for the engineers to work with.

I was in Shanghai for nearly a month just recently and was impressed by the city, it's very clean, not smelly, the roads don't have pot holes, people are friendly (at least I think they are I don't speak Chinese).

The engineers I spoke with there are bright, professional and very helpful. Overall the experience was an awesome one.

While there I met with Earnst & Young to discuss the local "security climate", things that are particular to China. I found a few things they mentioned very interesting.

We as security professionals, and internet nerds often joke about being "hacked by Chinese" and I don't think anyone would argue that very often the source of attacks and a lot of the development of new malware/viruses (etc) are sourced in China. The interesting part is, the Chinese very often hack themselves before they hack anyone else. In fact the majority of cyber attacks occur in China, at a rate of nearly twice that any where else in the world. It makes sense if you think about it, a TON of foreign (American and other) companies are there right now, and why not hack them on your own soil? It's a back door very often straight into the corporate network with an elevated level of trust. Also, the local Chinese owned companies have a lot of valuable information on their networks as well. The black markets for just about anything there is very much alive and well. I have a 40 dollar rolex to prove it.

The level of respect for "IP" and privacy is very much different than it is here. The sharing of information on the internet if very often monetized on Chinese social networking sites. You get "points" for sharing popular information, these points translate directly into goods and services (and in some cases cash). Culturally, it's just not seen as a big deal to post some highly sensitive corporate IP on a public forum (say some source code for example) and ask for help with a problem.

A couple other things to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in Shanghai.

Din Tai Fung: Get these dumplings. Omg. Delicious. There's one in LA that I plan on visiting.

Hookers: Everywhere...all the time...I read that fully 1% of the population in Shanghai are prostitutes. I saw lots of dudes getting chatted up by pretty asian ladies and they probably didn't realize what was going on.

Polution: Lots. Some days my eyes, nose and throat burned pretty badly.

Taxi cabs: Lol wow...the way people drive there in general, going the wrong way into oncoming traffic with no lights on, left turns in front of your car when you have the green, left turns from the right's crazy

Maglev: I have gone 430 Kph. Sup.

I for one had a great time and highly recommend you go there, it's a good experience.

It's good to be home though. I just wish I could sleep.