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Not bad in comparison… The servers of the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, trigger security alerts, for running under false identity certificates.

More on the subject from the Israeli Ombusman Report 60b (2010): [1-3]
· The servers apparently reside in a corporate property outside the Courts Administration.
· Unknown number of individuals have issued themselves ID smartcards.

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[3] 10-10-19 Net Ha-Mishpat - State Ombudsman - A Project With No Bidding and No Supervision_ The Marker
[4] 10-12-05 Net Ha-Mishpat: Who Cheats the State Ombudsman_eDoar (Eng + Heb)

VIEW PDF (with screen prints of certificates):
[1] 12-01-30 Certificates, or lack thereof, for servers of the Supreme Court of Israel