On March 7, 2002, through collusion of judges, IBM and EDS, Israel was set up for a “push button” regime change

In between, the Supreme Court considers all its records uncertified, and “subject to editing and phrasing changes”

Supreme Court, State of Israel, Chief Clerks: the late Shmaryahu Cohen, Sarah Lifschitz

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Jerusalem, March 28 - as part of preparation of evidence of large-scale fraud in the electronic records of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel, Human Rights Alert (NGO), released further details, pertaining to data mining of records in the weeks before and after March 7, 2002.

“With the sudden death of Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen, immediately after offering a toast in an office party,” says Joseph Zernik, PhD, “in the afternoon of March 7, 2002, through collusion of judges, IBM and EDS, Israel was set up for a ‘push-button’ regime change.”

The findings have wide-range implications in analysis of socioeconomic trends, stability of local financial markets, and regional and world violence.
Human Rights Alert’s Draft Submission is remarkable, in being narrowly focused on data mining and analysis of the electronic record systems of the courts of the State of Israel. [1]

The Recommendations include:
- Resolution of the crisis would have to draw upon civil society agents within the legal profession, and also most likely computing experts and religious leaders.
- Thorough, public investigation of events surrounding the March 7, 2002 death of Supreme Court Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen is warranted.
- Truth and reconciliation commission may also be required to resolve the disposition of the large number of missing and falsified court records from the past decade, and to investigate, whether judges/justices and/or senior officers of the Ministry of Justice have been involved in wholesale violations of their oaths of office.

12-03-26 Draft EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, SHORT REPORT to Human Right Alert's 2012 State of Israel UPR Submission: Integrity, or lack thereof, of the electronic records of the courts (REVISED)

Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
The 2010 submission of Human Rights Alert to the Human Rights Council (HRC) of the United Nations was reviewed by the HRC professional staff and incorporated in the official HRC Professional Staff Report with a note referring to "corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California." The 2010 UN UPR report called upon the United States to stop executions, restore habeas corpus and close GITMO, abolish slavery, criminalize torture...

Appendix 06a: Table Summary - Changes in the certification patterns of the Supreme around March 7, 2002

As further analysis of discontinuities in certification patters of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel, ELYON1 was searched for decisions issued on each day, around March 7, 2002 (between February 22 and March 20, 2002). Date data should be deemed unreliable, until the systems are examined.
This period is characterized by increased irregularity in certification practices, and the joint appearance of various certification forms outside their normal sequence, at times several certification patterns on the same date. [,]
These irregularities appear on the background of the steady underlying trends, which started long before March 7, 2002, and ended around January 2003:
a) Elimination of the mention of the authority of the “Chief Clerk”;
b) Elimination of the mention of the name of the accountable individual;
c) Elimination of the certification statement, “True Copy of the Original”;
d) Addition of the disclaimer, “Subject to phrasing and editing changes”;
e) Increased dominance of an “Information Center”, “operated in the Supreme Court”;
f) Transition of the database to “COURT.DOT”, and “.doc” files.

Combined, the analysis of these longer-term trends [] and the certification patterns around March 7, 2002, would lead a reasonable person to conclude that a thorough, public investigation of the circumstances of the sudden death of Chief Clerk Shmaryahu Cohen z”l, is fully warranted.

Otherwise: On or about March 7, 2002, a system was set, which may permit a “push button” regime change in the State of Israel.
Three senior Israel computing/cryptology experts independently reviewed the data previously generated by Dr Zernik. All three expressed alarm and concern. One of the three issued a formal request on a nationally decorated rabbinical authority, who is versed in math and physics, for a Halachic ruling:

Is the Supreme Court of the State of Israel engaged in Gneivat Ha-Da’at? [Widespread Public Deception jz]

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