Last Friday I had the privilege of attending B-sides, a computer security conference in Pittsburgh.

Sadly I missed the morning lectures due to prior obligations. Of the afternoon lectures I personally enjoyed the QR code experiment lecture by Eric Mikulas and the Social Engineering 2012 lecture by Michael Egenlauf.

As a promoter my company has been using QR codes for gorilla marketing of events since 2009. I was also passing out some promotional materials for the short film REBOOT - complete with QR codes on them. Which lead to many jokes about malicious tentacle monster viruses.

As some one who is much more successful at hacking people than computers, I wish the Social Engineering lecture would have gone more into depth on personal/direct approaches. You can train staff to ignore phone calls, emails, and other means of impersonal contact - but it's harder to train a human to turn down another person face to face. Next year Triptych and I plan on cultivating a presentation that illustrates the dangers of direct approaches and how to combat them.

I also met Dan Klinedinst of In the coming weeks his organization will be filming a capture the flag contest in Pittsburgh, which I hope to participate in.
I will post more info as it becomes available

Also Wednesday night at 8pm (6/13) is my next radio show. The guest is Steven Juliano (from I Am Ghost) the author of the new graphic novel LOVERS & KINGS.
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