This was my first DEFCON, BlackHat, and Security Bsides conference. I'd like to give a shout out to all the Defcon organizers for having a con with many types of events for us to participate in. Everything from the Vendor Booth, to the Badge Challenge, to the movie presentation, and (of course) the regular presentations. The presentation on "how safe a gun safe really is" was very vivid, and Defcon awakened an interest in me I did not realize I had -- namely locksmithing and lockpicking! I expected to spend 1 or 2 hours in the Lockpicking Village. Instead, I spent 12 hours there (and way too much money on locks, pick sets, and such)!

For Defcon 2013, I hope to get invited to at least one of the interesting parties I heard about, and I also hope to volunteer in some way, shape, or form. I have volunteered for 20+ years for a number of organizations in a variety of roles (these included Security at Pride festivals, lead neighborhood patroller, ticket sales, treasury, go-fer, movie tech booth, disaster recovery worker, judge, ARRL volunteer examiner, and others), and I consider myself fortunate that I got to volunteer at Security Bsides. I got varying answers on how to volunteer at Defcon, whether as a goon or as something else. This was frustrating. However, in the end, most of the answers essentially said -- "find ways to help out and get noticed doing so. Try getting to know someone on one of our teams."

I am trying to get to know people at HeatSync Labs here in Mesa AZ, and I also look forward to working with Austin Appel in order to start up a Lockpicking Village. Perhaps we can even start up a TOOOL chapter as well.

Yet, at the start of all this, here I was just thinking I'll pick up a few tips on how to perform software security testing for my job!