I recently decided to take a year off from my self-employment doing computer repair, OSX consulting and the odd bit of penetration testing to write a novel. After two years of false starts, alcoholic binges and fights with my wife over the fact that my income had disappeared, I began in earnest about a year ago. The result was "Playing God," a contemporary thriller that features a computer hacker as one of the main characters. (shameless plug)
I'm currently beginning my next one and here's my problem: I have used up my supply of "low hanging fruit" and I want to bring this character back in the new novel. Unfortunately, security has moved on a bit in the last three years (gee, you think?) so I'm looking of a collaborator, someone who can provide technical input.
I'll be doing the heavy lifting, so I can't imagine it taking more than an hour or so a month, but I want to keep it genuine, without losing the mainstream reader. (my editor tells me that while computer hacking is sexy, long explanations of the difference between Solaris and Linux aren't - geez who would have thought?)
If you'd like to see your name in lights and grab your 15 minutes of fame without much effort, PM me or email me at playinggodnovel@yahoo.com.