I'm taking time off today from working on "The Black Stone" (my newest novel) to concentrate on the marketing of "Playing God" So I thought I would blog about it.
The plot of "Playing God" goes something like this:
After a dangerous and heretofore untranslatable ancient book is stolen from the Vatican archives, computer hacker Mark D'Auria discovers malicious code written into the world's most popular operating system which will turn the spare processing power of every PC on the planet into part of a giant supercomputer designed to translate it. While attempting to stay alive and oppose the forces responsible he discovers "Lamplighter", a secret NSA file which is heinous beyond all belief. Against a backdrop of a developing third world war in the Taiwan Strait, Mark teams up with Antonio Felli, an ex-Italian secret service agent, and Alex Steele, an FBI agent to stop the mysterious Kane, the vicious madman behind the plot. This leads them on a perilous journey that will take them through several attempts on their lives and ultimately to a final showdown at the ultra-secret Area 51.
There you have it, computer hacking, world war three, and Area 51, what more could you want out of life?
If you have a Kindle or an IPad, grab it a Amazon while the promo price is $2.99. Other venues are coming soon.
Now I have to go an compose the ultimate email sales letter to send out tomorrow. Then I'll be able to answer the question: Does email marketing actually work? (Dish network must think so because they fill up my spam filter with their junk.)
Still looking for a collaborator, so keep me in mind if you've ever thought of literary fame.