Yes, it does happen on occasion, even to someone as astute as myself. We believe what we want to believe. Thus, when I found a company that claimed to have 80 million opt-in email addresses and offered me the chance to email them all over the course of a month for one low price ($39) I bit down on the worm on the hook. What did it get me aside from a mouth full of worm? Absolutely nothing! A little digging and I found out that they likely had a database of only a thousand or so customers that have agreed to get emails from them. So much for the millions. They offer no reporting, no proof they mailed anything, and no documentation of their "huge database"

Fortunately I paid with PayPal. Time to call the fraud squad. Lesson learned for the umpteen millionth time - if something sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't! I'm going to have to find a more creative way to market the book.