How many of you have ever broken into the NSA Mega-Server? Raise your hand. THWACK - That was the sound of a ruler cracking down on the knuckles of anyone who raised their hand because you're lying your ass off. That includes anyone who's part of an incursion team in Beijing. It hasn't been done, and most likely, can't be done. Just trying will earn you a spot in the Federal Penitentiary System. You could probably plead temporary insanity though, because after all, what were you thinking??
So where is this blinding glimpse of the obvious going, you might ask? Straight into a quandary.
Because I had to do it! There was the cursor blinking like a gun to my head while my main character sat in limbo glaring at me for my incompetence. Rather than sit there glaring back, I poked at every NSA reference google had to offer. Then I kidnapped a google spider and tortured it (they get into everything) but it died without giving up anything useful. I carefully disposed of the carcass and then considered my options. I could write to China with something like: Dear fellow world citizen, hows it going? Break into the NSA yet? Care to share? Thanks. I eventually rejected that option as unproductive and moved on. My options at this point looked pretty limited. This wasn't going well.
To be continued in part 2.