Over 380 of you dropped by to read my recent blog post revealing the hacking of the NY Times Best Seller List and I was astounded. I wanted to do something to reciprocate, so I decided to give you all a free copy of my novel, "Playing God". For my regular readers and for those of you who returned after reading my blog for the first time, here it is:
Go to Smashwords, my distributor, and set up a free account. It's easy, all you have to do is fill in a few fields and confirm your email address. Then navigate back to my book (type "Playing God" into the search bar) and then click on the listing and click "add to cart". At the checkout screen enter "JA33U" in the coupon code section and you will be able to download the novel in a variety of ebook formats for free. Kindle, Nook, Sony, PDF for reading on your PC, and many other formats are all there when you get to the redirect screen.
No catches, no pop-ups, no nonsense, just my way of saying "Thanks for dropping by and taking a few minutes out of your busy day to read my blog." The coupon code is good till January 1st, 2013. If you are reading this after that date and want a free copy, PM or email me and I'll give you an updated coupon code.
I have a regular blog out in the world that I use to try and promote my book and boost sales. My DefCon blog is my little corner of the hacking world and I just write whatever comes to mind in my off-hand, ironic, self-deprecating style. Its not really for public consumption which is why I was so surprised at the huge jump in readers for my recent post. The free book removes the temptation to use this blog as anything more than it was when I started it. Just a fun place to write without pressure. Since all of you can now get the novel for free, its potential as a selling tool is gone. That's a good thing.
If you enjoy the novel, consider writing a good [GREAT] review for it. If you hate it, email me and tell me what you disliked, I am always interested in feedback. Pulleeeeze don't post a negative review. One bad review destroys the effect of dozens of good ones. Just vent to me in an email and... remember it was free.
Thanks again and...
'till next time.