Is it safe to come out from under my rock yet? ... post here and attend a DEFCON?
Prolly not

As with most DEFCON folks, I love to solve puzzles....
It all started to go terribly wrong as soon as I unboxed that damn 16K Radio Shack Color Computer
with it's scream'n 6809E 8bit processor. After CoCo Basic limitations were exceeded one was forced
into coding in ASM to make it fit in 16k.

The next logical step was to purchase one of the new fangled IBM 8086 XT computers, loaded with DOS3.3
and Norton Desktop Commander. Learning a new Basic and MASM wasn't the problem, it was the year I
took off to tinker and take DOS apart, byte-by-byte.

Being able to hack in assembly code somehow attracted a bad BBS crowd and before I knew it was removing
"Pirate Protection" from the latest bad. After several years of this, one of my associates
was busted and it seemed prudent to turn from the 'dark-side' and drop off the face of the planet.

Many years later, a bud brought me his DSS card and programmer as he couldn't make heads nor tails of it.
To my amazement, it had a very similar instruction set to the 6809E, a familiar puzzle to solve?
I'd been to the 'dark-side' and returned, yet couldn't walk away from this new puzzle. I soon found myself
coding for free tv sat folks. This eventually led to designing, building and marketing my own hardware.
Again, a known associate was busted, I closed shop, erased all web-presence and prayed for it all to just go away.
I thank the torrent sites every day for making DSS hacking obsolete.

Contrary to the excellent film, 'Swordfish', 'Hackers' seldom get a Hailey Barrie or create programs to access bank codes
in under 60 seconds. They spend many late hours looking at pages of unexciting text, numbers and/or mneumonics
and can attempt thousands of bad work-arounds before anything actually clicks.