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  • cheapest air fare to Vegas


    Well because I'm a logistics kinda guy I have allready started my own Defcon pre-planning. I have a question for those of you that took to the skies as your means of transportation to the con.

    The answers to this question will be used in my quest of cheaper plane tickets. Last year we used Alaska (though and the tickets were $220 each. I remember reading some posts from others that got some hella good prices on tickets through southwest but I think all of those flights originated from OC or other departure points in Cali.

    I'm in Portland OR and I think the only other con attendee from the Rose City (that is a DC Forum regular that is) is mfreeck. I'll send her a PM to find out what her ticket cost was.

    So for everybody that flew much was your ticket and where did you find the deal.


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    southwest and jet blue do 19$ each way specials throughout the year to vegas, but these are only from select CA departures. if you get sick of searching on the web, pick up the most popular sunday paper in your area and go to it's travel section. you will find LOTS of adds by travel agencies with amazing dealss. for your $220, i can get roundtrip fare to london. you should be able to do better.....
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      we've got 8 days/7 nights hotel plus airfare from Houston for $350 per person, at 2 people per hotel room through

      Its a front for America West Airlines, and they offer decent package deals for most of the hotels in vegas.