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from modesto to vegas?

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    Originally posted by ch0l0man
    that statement tells me you are under 18, but then that is just my opinion. here is some good advice, keep you mouth shut and read. yeah and get on your knees and beg for octalpussys forgiveness.

    While you're down there on your knees.....


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      try to avoid a ride with highwizard at all costs (if your a guy)! If your gona say your 18 atleast act it, the words parents shouldn't be included in your posts.


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        Re: from modesto to vegas?

        Originally posted by keith1569
        ...... willing to give me a ride and shit to vegas for defcon...
        Well, you asked for a ride....and shit. I guess one's better than none, if you're lucky...maybe you'll get a ride too.
        Where's the dedication?


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          Originally posted by octalpussy
          Correct me if I'm wrong, but Modesto is in the US, and in the US, 18 is an adult. If you really want to go, get in the car and go.

          you forget that this is probably an 18 year old that is incapable of supporting himself. if he disobeys mom and pop, the'll take his (their) volvo away and he'll be stuck at his (their) house all summer....
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            Bah. Stay home for your own safety, y0.

            Tis a shame for you, but with your fastuous attitude, I think it's better if you stay close to H-99, perhaps enrolling yourself in a summer school class at MJC. :)

            Stay home, grow a little, save some dough, and try again next year.