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    Hey all!

    I was just wondering if there was any other places nearby alexis park to stay at for cheaper and if there was going to be anyone there. I would rather spend 30 dollars a night for a crappy hotel close by and have the other 100 for other..activities.

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    should have jumped on this.
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      is it really that hard to look for it on your own?
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        Will you have a car? Key Largo is really cheap (not $30 cheap, but cheaper than you'll find within a few blocks). It's "one and a half blocks" from the AP, but Vegas blocks are like a mile long... literally, not figuratively... in 100+ degree heat (Farenheit). It's clean, has a fridge, cold A/C, and you get a coupon book for a lot of stuff both on and off site, but I wouldn't stay there unless you have a car.
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          my first time i stayed at the super 8 motel down the road. it's only a 5 min walk, but like octal said, the 100+ degree heat makes it seem like a state away.... it's worth the money for the AP......
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