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Anybody from Oklahoma?

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  • Anybody from Oklahoma?

    Are any of you from Oklahoma??

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    i am, but i dunno if that counts......

    i am from oklahoma, but i prob wont be able 2 help u yet.
    i am looking for local h4x0r groups (haven't found any yet). several of my friends r also trying to find some local h4x0r5, but we're finding that most "hackers" r juss high-school reject wannabe h4x0r5 around where we live. we thought about trying 2 join a group of L337 h4x0r5, but we have no clue how to do that.
    sry i couldnt help u, but if i find more h4x0r5 in ok, i will try again then


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      Ok..can we get one normal post to this section..seriously..

      Ok..leet h4x0r, want to be taken seriously? Speak English. None of the SMS crap. Spell your words out. Fuck, I can barely understand what you are saying. Seriously, go spend some time reading if you want to make a go of this, and drop the 'pro' from your handle so everyone can know in advance what they are dealing with.

      I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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        Re: Anybody from Oklahoma?

        apparently someone has a problem with sarcasm

        as for the original question, i have, since my last post, found a 2600 in okc that goes to defcon every year

        i imagine there is probably also a 2600 in tulsa that would have attendees, not to mention any non-2600 okies who regular defcon


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          Re: Anybody from Oklahoma?

          Originally posted by proidiot
          apparently someone has a problem with sarcasm
          This was from 3 years ago. This was from a time in the forums, where
          "ppl wur poztin lyk diz" (people were posting like this) and any kind of emulation of that could lead to an instant-ban.

          Without context, an attempt at sarcasm is often not funny. (If I came across the post with "u", I would have commented about it too, and I still comment about this today, when I find it in threads.)

          It is great you found someone for Oklahoma.

          Good luck with your DCG. :-)


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            Re: Anybody from Oklahoma?

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