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  • Excellent Deal On GPS

    For those of you who need a gps for the dc11 wardriving contest, or just need a gps for general wardriving needs.

    Frys Electronics has a great deal on their Magellan series GPS units.


    Yes, it comes with a serial data cable. Yes it does NMEA output. Yes it has WAAS.

    And the screen is bigger and has a nice blue backlight.
    It's also expandable with a SD card should you want to get a gps with more maps etc.

    The yellow model is also pretty cheap.

    If you want to do some research on the full specs here's the manufacturers website.

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    Just as a side note, I use a Magellen GPS, and I am really happy with its performance, so this is a great deal.
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      Its up to 120 now but that still doesn't look too bad. I don't suppose it also comes with a 12v adapter does it? :)
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        anyone played with the garmin gecko?

        looks like it is their new low-end gps option for around $100.

        I'm currently using an e-trex that does everything I need.
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