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  • RFID on clothing...

    What Your Clothes Say About You,1382,58006,00.html

    ok, who else KNOWS this is a bad idea...

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    I would think clothing would be one of the more difficult items to hide the technology in, considering the bulk of devices, such as TVs, speakers, nice big Dell towers...

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      as technology gets better size gets smaller, who is to say that eventually the fibers couldn't be embedded with unique signatures that respond to a general frequency... and without disclosure no one would know... except those that knew.


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        It would be fun to take the transmitters and glue time to pidgens/rats/migratory birds/etc... Let's see them try to figure that one out.. :D
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          reminds me of the library emitters that you would stick on someone's back as they were about to walk out the door....

          *for educational and informational purposes only of course...


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            When i read stuff like this, it makes me want to make a very, very noisy EMI box and hide it somewhere in the store and walk out. Can you imagine the damage and general mayhem that could be accomplished when WalMart starts using this kind of technology for more than Gilette razors?

            I'm guessing there may be a market for a "cloaking" device of sorts. Would it violate the DMCA to hide yourself from Corporations?

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              I wouldnt buy any of that. Even if I did atleast use cash so they cant put a name to the transmiter. I say we stick a few on a wezel ball and put it in a store, it would appear they are moving but it would look very strange on a map.