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    It's a bit early but an FYI

    With respect to the DEFCON Caravans and Deathrace2k, some of us want to break the rules and get to Las Vegas fast.

    Therefore, the birth of the DEFCON Cannonball Run has occured. It is a race against time over 288 miles of road. Since we will not encourage speeding or reckless driving, you are on your own when it comes to how you will beat the clock.

    Things that we have found out that make the race a little more enjoyable or easier are:

    * Have your AAA or insurance info.
    * Bring things like cell phones, tools and first aid stuff.
    * Get food or beverages for trip.
    * Get a scanner. Cop warnings.
    * Radar detector. Cop warnings
    * Don't forget the video cameras and digital cameras. We need footage.
    * Bring CB Radio for long distance yelling, 5 min apart is far. Cop warnings.
    * FRS and cell phones are useful.
    * Lots of interesting music. If you make mp3 for us, we can use them in the movie.
    * Costumes! Nothing is funnier than people runnning through the hotel in costume.

    Check out the current rules below.

    1. The race will be held on Thursday July 31st 2002. There is no starting earlier.
    2. You must be going to the convention to be part of this event. No ricers!
    3. All racers will start at the same starting location.
    4. Racers will be 5 minutes apart in the order assigned.
    5. Racers will punch into time-clock upon departure.
    6. Each racer and passenger will pay $5 entry into the Cannonball Run.
    7. Everyone will sign a waiver, protecting our ass for promoting this behavior.
    8. Racers will punch-in at the Alexis Park with a designated DCR person.
    9. Money collected from each racer will be applied to the bar for the winners.
    10. If you go to jail, you have one phone call.
    11. No tag-backs, electricity or time-outs.

    More info can be found at
    tommEE pickles

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    Correct Date

    The date is not July 31st 2002. The race is set for July 31st 2003. More info at

    More updates to follow.
    tommEE pickles