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    Hi this is my first time here so forgive my ignorance please.

    I am looking for software that can completely hide my IP address when surfing the web. to the extent that any tracing software such as NeoTrace Pro etc., can't trace it to my ISP.

    Does such software exist and is it available to the public. I would love to have softwre that could be D/L'ed to bounce my IP around the world a few times if availabe.

    Does anyone know where I can get it???

    Thanks for your help
    "Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction is obliged to make sence" Mark Twain

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    the magic 8-ball says:

    you are looking for a service not a software

    <gong here>

    perhaps even an anonymizer(R)

    <gong here>

    google is your friend

    <gong here>

    there is no spoon
    my voice is my passport, verify me.


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      Re: the magic 8-ball says:

      Originally posted by blackwave

      there is no spoon
      my voice is my passport, verify me.
      I love to hear a guy say the word passport.

      You know, I could have joined the NSA, but they found out my parents were married.

      The girl with the machine gun, could I have her phone number?
      the fresh princess of 1338

      What did I do to make you think I give a shit?


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        &quot;And Ike said...

        ...hey, look, give us your technology, and we'll give you all the cow lips you want."


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          perl -e 'print pack(c5, (41*2), sqrt(7056), (unpack(c,H)-2), oct(115), 10)'


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            Found Stealther...looks ok am testing it now.

            thanks for your help guys girls and others.ehehehehe:D
            "Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction is obliged to make sence" Mark Twain


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              Originally posted by MUA
              Found Stealther...
              What is the "Stealther" ?
              Absolute anonymous Internet surfing
              No trace-back possible
              Automatically updated proxy-database
              Possibility to check proxies for availability
              LAN-Gateway with Content Control
              New identity on every website you open
              Protects you from data-spying
              ->> Absolutely protected privacy <<-

              Stealther is a program which you use together with your web browser to ensure your anonymity when you surf the Internet and download files.
              It allows you to hide your real identity from the websites you visit, block cookies and modify any information about your computer that is sent out by your web browser.
              Stealther is a proxy server agent that lets you travel the Internet with maximum possible privacy. It contains a large autoupdated database of anonymous proxy servers and allows you to easily logon to them and test their anonymity. This network of publicly accessible servers shield your current connection when you visit websites, download files, or use web-based e-mail accounts.
              You can also block cookies with a single click of your mouse, watch the statistics of the current connection and explore the information sent out by your browser (great for learning more about how the Internet works!).
              You can scan each proxy server, check its response time, confirm its anonymity and IP isolation factors. Stealther changes the proxy for each page automatically to ensure the maximum of security!
              You can also SHARE your anonymous Internet connection with others over a LAN! Yes, you can use Stealther as a gate to the Internet. Install it on the computer connected to the Internet and set up web browsers on other computers on the LAN to use it as a proxy. If you are a network administrator working in an environment with special security requirements, you may be interested in some advanced features Stealther offers: modification of any HTTP variables, monitoring client requests, stop lists for clients and remote hosts, and much more. This is a complete and expandable solution for both individual users and businesses concerned with their security and privacy of Web communications.

              welcome to the land of proxy servers... perhaps after you have tested, you can explain what the difference is from JAP , and ... thanks :D