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DCTV: The Next Generation?

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    We had wondered why not something like Twitch as a multicast-er. Clearly getting the streams to a service like this could have some issues, both technical and meat-space interference.
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      Originally posted by astcell View Post
      Who needs over the air for broadcasts? Send it with Ustream or Qik, or even YouTube live, and those of us on the ball probably have a way to go from a microUSB connector to Displayport and we can feed the video tp the hotel TV. Give us a little credit!
      Sure, that would work, although you might have to contend for bandwidth. A broadcast or multicast system is more efficient and seems more elegant. We should strive for using technology to its best and fullest potential. (Consider DEFCON Secure WiFi... Sure, DEFCON could offer the same insecure WiFi experience that we're all used to, but if we can do better, we should.) Plus there is the novelty factor. It is now possible to transmit multiple HD streams over the air on a tiny budget. An OTA broadcast would demonstrate capabilities that we could only dream of a few years ago. That being said, there are a lot of practical hurdles to doing DCTV over the air, and falling back to technically inferior but tried-and-true technologies seems like the way to go, at least for now. (Anyone remember M-Bone?)


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        Originally posted by goathead View Post
        That being said, it would also be valuable if the feeds were of adequate quality in lighting/gain and audio.
        I'm not sure about the video, but the audio clipping could be due to the mismatch between "pro" line level (+4 dBu) and "consumer" line level (-10 dBV). Hopefully the DCTV capture hardware can accept "pro" line levels. A simple software audio compressor/processor (like the free stereotool) could help a lot.

        I've said this before, but I'd really like to get the live caption data streamed out somehow. I think it'd be kind of awesome to idle in an IRC channel for each track and see what's going on everywhere simultaneously.


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          Originally posted by goathead View Post
          It would be great to validate the scope of the DCTV coverage in order to make a decision regarding which hotel we would intend to book for DC. This is actually the one thing holding up my booking for a reservation.
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          Whoever was asking, yes #DEFCON TV will be in both Paris and Ballys!