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  • Amateur Radio Exams

    DaKahuna mentioned (at ) that the Wireless Village will once again be giving a valuable study aid for those wishing to become Amateur (Ham) Radio operators: a three-hour study session on the Technician question pool, running from 9AM-12PM on Sunday.

    The ham radio exams themselves are not run by the Wireless Village, and thus they have their own forum: They also have their own website:

    Check them out for information on how to study for the ham radio exams, information on ham radio activities at DEF CON, and, if you're a General or Extra-class ham radio operator already, how to volunteer to help with the exam session on Sunday!

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    We will be having the Amateur Radio Technician Class Question and Answer Pool Review on Sunday morning in the Wireless Village but the actual exams will be held somewhere else.
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