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Vendors, contest, and events dealing with defcoin

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  • Vendors, contest, and events dealing with defcoin

    Hi All,

    We are looking to start planning collaborations between Coindroids and anybody else who wants to do something with defcoin.
    For those who didn't see Coindroids last year, it is a robot battle game played out within DC's cryptocurrency - DEFCOIN.

    Some examples of collaboration could be offering special items or experience in the game for anybody who donates to a defcoin-enabled cause. Or maybe a similar setup with any vendor transaction done in defcoin.

    We also created a number of in-game bosses last year that related to other events such as The Schemaverse, The 10,000c Pyramid, The Crypto village and The Lock Pick Village. The sooner we get started on possible ideas, the better the implementation can be.

    If you want to keep details secret, please feel free to send me a private message instead.