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    I put on workshops the past couple years in the HHV (sidechannels for DC21 and FPGAs for DC22). I mentioned to a few people that i wanted to go all in for DC23 and try and coordinate a full schedule of computer-oriented hardware workshops for the HHV and lobby for dedicated space in the larger venue. I've talked to a couple different people who have workshops they could run as well.

    I just saw a defcon call for workshops though:

    I feel like the type of workshops i have in mind (low-commitment 90 minute modules for 12 people) is a bit different from what the CFT is looking for (half or full day classes for 50 people) and that being co-located with the HHV would be more appropriate, but i'm curious what you guys think in case you really want my workshops to stay in the HHV, or you want to finally be rid of me :)


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    I was just thinking about HHV workshops. I agree I think these are more in scope with HHV than the DC workshops. I was assured we would have the space this year for these events so if your game I will give you all the time you want/need in the HHV.


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      So in my plan this year I have 3 tables dedicated to demos/workshops in the back corner of the HHV as far as I can get you from the noise so it should be better. I also have 7 slots of talks that will be promoted so there is a thread for that on here as well if any workshop wants to start with a talk. Joe i'm glad to have you back as you have become a standard in the HHV and people will be looking for you for sure.