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Local Meetings & Other Events Forum FAQ - Please read before posting

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  • Local Meetings & Other Events Forum FAQ - Please read before posting

    Welcome to the Local Meetings forum. This forum exists to assist in finding or forming meetings in your area with others who share similar interests, as well to provide a place to announce events (such as conferences) of interest to the community. Please note that off-topic posts, flamewars, etc. will not be tolerated, and that you are required to have read The Rules before posting. If you ask a question that is already answered in either this FAQ or The Rules, expect your post to be moved to /dev/null or Fucktard Hall without warning.

    If you're looking for a meeting in your area, please check the following resources first:

    Defcon Groups: Intended to bring a technical focus to the scene, check the Defcon Groups listing to find or start a meeting in your area. Meetings are listed by area (aka dialling) code.

    2600 Meetings: Check both their list of meetings and list of meeting homepages. Note that these lists are not exactly the same due to the fact that many meetings do not have a homepage. Be sure to check both lists if you can't find what you're looking for.

    Linux User Groups: There is a very comprehensive user group meeting list over at

    Ham Radio: Start with the ARRL's list of hamfests to find others in your area.

    BBSes: many BBSes (yes, BBSes are still around) have regular meetings for their users. has an extensive list of dialup and telnettable BBSes to check out.

    To look for or announce a meeting, there's no real format to follow. However, there are a few things you can do to help yourself out.
    • Make sure your subject states your location and the type of meeting you're looking for or announcing. "Starting a meeting" is bad, "Starting a DC-Group meeting in Des Moines, Iowa" is good.
    • If starting a meeting or announcing an event, make sure you give not only the time and place, but also a street address (so that people can make maps), contact email address, and phone number or URL if applicable.
    • Posts advertising gatherings not relevant to these forums will be deleted. This includes but is not limited to: LAN parties, raves, club nights, hootenannys, political events, box socials, or anything else trying to masquerade as somehow being hacking-related. Note that you risk being banned for spamming and your post(s) deleted if your event has zero relevance to this community: the purpose of this forum is to get like-minded people together, not be an advertising vehicle for every social gathering that comes along. This is entirely at the discretion of the moderators, so exercise caution before hitting submit.
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