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Ham Radio Exams Cancelled [To Return Under New Organizers]

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  • Ham Radio Exams Cancelled [To Return Under New Organizers]

    I am sad to announce that my team will not be providing ham radio exams to DEF CON this year, as we were unable to resolve a scheduling issue with the Contests and Events team. I do not at this time have any information as to other opportunities to get your license during the con.

    If you were looking forward to getting your license this year, you still should; visit to find a license session in your area.

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    If you are reading this, you have learned the people that originally planned to run the Ham Radio Exams won't be.

    However, read a post and thread from Hackajar (the Senior Contests/Event Goon for DEF CON 23) here, and learn it is under new management and will be discussed in a new forum:

    New forum TBA.

    NOTE: The original topic has been altered by me in this way:
    Text between "[" and "]" are my own additions, after getting word from Hackajar a different group will be organizing this.

    As a matter of inter-departmental respect, we on the forums make no decisions about which contests, events, or social gatherings happen, nor do we decide who runs what. My role in this is to have the forums conform to reflect the present state of things as decided by Contests/Events goons.

    If you want to run your own thing as an unofficial event outside of DEF CON influence, you are free to start a thread on such thing in the DEF CON Planning section, but if you really go it "on your own" it is without support from DEF CON. (This is not permission to break laws.) Some examples of this from the past have included people renting space at bars near DEF CON to host their own events. The Toxic BBQ started out as a bunch of people decided they were going to have a BBQ -- there was no permission from DEF CON to be official, but the whole thing was off-site, and away from DEF CON space.

    Hope this helps,
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      As decided by Hackajar and the Contests/Events Goons, the Ham Radio License Exams are returning under new management. A new forum has been created to contain it:

      Well close this forum, leaving this note and the other thread as redirection to the new forum.