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MG's I'll be bringing to the shoot

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  • MG's I'll be bringing to the shoot

    The usual lot:
    Browning 1919A4 (for those 250 round bursts)
    M16/M4 (14.5" barrel)
    Styer AUG
    H&K MP5
    1928 Thompson

    I "could" bring, if someone wants to shoot them:
    Reising M50
    S&W M76

    I will have plenty of ammo for each gun. If you have good, factory fresh, brass case, US made ammo of your own, you can run it through one of the guns (upon my inspection and approval).
    If you will be shooting my ammo, then I ask that you pay replacement cost for the ammo. I'll have a price sheet. I'd love to let people shoot for free, but all that ammo adds up at $.30 to $.95 a round.
    If you don't have cash on hand, you can just keep track and PayPal me what you shoot.

    If I make it Wednesday night, I'll just bring a smaller subset of toys to shoot, but I'll have the ones above Thursday morning.

    See you at the shoot :-)



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    Thank you as always. I look forward to putting some rounds through the M4 again (if you ever sell that one day, I'd love to know about it!!) and the BAR. I missed out on the BAR last time and really really want to get on that. :-) Maybe Wednesday you will have one or both of those there?

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      I'll make sure they are there Wed night


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        See you all there next week If someone wants me to bring anything Wed night, let me know. I won't have a full load of guns Wed, but will on Thursday. :-)


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          I'd like to try the UZI or BAR wed, but I can try them thrs if you don't have room


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            Bringing the BAR Wed night for Deviant, so no problem there. I'll make sure to bring the UZI also.


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              MAC10/45 on Thursday please, will trade $ for ammo.


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                I am assuming the M60 shoots standard NATO 7.62 linked ammo?? I may have some to bring out.....If you will let me have a go at it...


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                  Yes it does (7.62x51 in M13 links), and yes you may. If I have doubts about the quality of the ammo, I may trade it for my own then run it through the 1919A4 at some point in the future (that thing will eat anything) :-)