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Forum meet has been approved by Hackajar and Nikita

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  • Forum meet has been approved by Hackajar and Nikita

    Sorry about the late update on this and other forums for contests, event and social gatherings. Upgrade to forums, DB issues (still not fully resolved) and work at my real job have slowed me in workin on the forums. Here we go!

    Received word from Hackajar on April 28, 2015 that this was good to go.

    Forum created!

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    [LEFT][COLOR=#262626][FONT=arial][SIZE=13px]Posting on behalf of Nikita:

    [FONT=arial]The Defcon forum meet is joining forces with DCGroups. For Defcon 23 the forum meet will be held in the DCGroups Party room, (TBA). Expect return of the bouncy house, ball pit and more super awesome 'splosions[/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=arial].[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]

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      Hi everyone.

      A little update, unfortunately no bouncy house or ball pit ( ceiling heights too low anyway). I have decided I can not throw a party, and I will be retiring from organizing this event for the future. If someone wants to take over the forum meet or forum party, you don't need my permission. Just talk to Cotman and email [email][/email]

      All I ask is that it please be someone who is active on the forums, and understands this is intended to be a lighthearted gathering of disturbed individuals. :-) I have to step down from it's planning and involvement. I thank you guys for all the wonderful years and fun times we have had, but I can no longer do this. I will likely not be active on the forums and I feel that is also another reason I don't make the right fit for it's party planning.

      I recommend that whomever plans the forum meet for DC24 you coordinate with the DCGroups management. They have kindly offered to grant forums space/time for a meetup/mixer in their party space and may be open to doing so again.

      As it stands now, I will not be able to attend the meet, but as I said the DCGroups has agreed to let us use their space as a meeting place. I recommend wearing a forum badge with your avatar, making plans with other forum members to meet, and you can all enjoy the DCGroups party together.

      The DCGParty will be held *on the 26th floor both Friday and Saturday Night. There will be a lot of awesome there to enjoy, and a lot of cool swag/trinkets intended to pass out. Judging on what i've seen with their planning, you will have a lot of fun there.

      * ​Please check the printed program or the DEF CON Website for more details about party rooms, times, and locations, as they may change in planning.

      I will not be logging back in to check responses, if you need to contact me DM on twitter @Niki7a. Again, thank you for everything and I am sorry I could not continue to give you the party you deserve. I wish forums the best of luck in this meet for the future, perhaps when things mellow out for me personally, I can go back to being an active member on the forums.

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        Thanks Nikita for all the hard work you have done over past Forum Meets! You have done great work. :-)

        If anyone is an active member, and wants to work with DCG Meet people and Grifter to share space with DCG people and make an inclusive party, post your intention by June 30, and I can get you in touch with Grifter.

        If there is no interest, I am fine with letting the forum meet at DEF CON die.

        If the deadline passes, any forum members will likely still be welcome to the DCG party, but I'll cancel it as an official Forum Meet party. (Attendees would still be welcome to try to form an unofficial forum meet, meeting somewhere else they are able to find a place to meet, not used by others.)


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          No taker, so the Forum meet is cancelled for DEF CON 23. If anyone is interested in running one for DEF CON 24, be ready to reply to the thread, Post-DEF-CON-23, where we ask what is returning.

          Closing this thread, and marking this forum as cancelled.

          Thanks to Nikita for all her hard work with past DEF CON Forum meets, and Dark Tangent for all of the resources he has thrown into running past forum meets at DEF CON.

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