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Defconbots 2015 - news, registration and rules

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  • Defconbots 2015 - news, registration and rules

    First, I want to apologize for being less visible and engaged in the defconbots contest this year. I had a fire in my house in April that forced me and my wife to quickly move into a rental. The fire was in my home office and it trashed a lot of of test equipment and some projects (including some boards/parts for the contest). We're still dealing with insurance and repairs and it's consumed a lot of time.

    That said, the contest is still happening and we're working hard to wrap up the target development and get sponsors/prizes.

    The contest rules are finalized:

    Like last year there may be minor adjustments to the rules at the contest if we run into technical difficulties. The targets were completely redesigned to prevent lighting-issues but you never know. We'll try not to change anything if we can help it.

    There's a registration page up on the defconbots site: Please register and indicate the likelihood that you'll compete.

    Reach out on these forums or twitter(@defconbots) with questions/comments. See you at the con.