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*UNOFFICIAL* Defcon Toxic Barbecue XI

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  • *UNOFFICIAL* Defcon Toxic Barbecue XI

    The year just goes to fast, but rather late than never...

    As normal we are available via twitter on @ToxicBBQ #toxicbbq #defcon #defconparties

    The New stuff:
    I know I've probably cut this one too close, but we would like to get Titanium Chef going again. If I can get five (5) competitors (group or individual) that are interested in this, I'll make it happen. Otherwise, it will be next year. Titanium Chef is a simple concept, we provide the protein (approximately 1 lb.), you just have to (currently) make four simple bites, one for each judge, and one for you to consume yourself (we are not stupid enough to eat anything that your not, and yes the person consuming must be an active part of the preparation, no ringers). You have two choices, you can make it as hot as you think we can stand (whole ghost peppers not recommended), or you can make it as tasty as you like (Umami, this is probably the wiser choice). If this happens I'll be at the park at 1600 to provide the protein, you will have five hours to shop and prepare for judging at 2100. Items will be judged on presentation as well as taste. We decided to make the protein "easy" the first year, nothing you can get in a majority or restaurants, but not as exotic as Lion or Puffin (yes we have a source for this). There will be prizes for first, second, and um.... runner-up.

    The Normal stuff:
    Come one, come all to the eleventh annual *UNOFFICIAL* Defcon Toxic Barbecue. For those of you who do not know, the Thursday prior the conference, which is quickly turning into the first day of the conference, we hold a little meet and greet out at a nearbyish park.

    Where: Sunset Park Area F (same place we try to normally hold it) 2601 E Sunset Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89120 (36°03'49.5"N 115°07'04.5"W approximately) map at end

    When: 6 August, 2015 1600-2200 (that's 4:00-10:00 P.M.)

    What will happen: Conversations, lots of great people, food and libations consumed, flaming pits

    Why do we do this: Insanity (finally confirmed), there are many times when we all don't feel like we necessarily fit in. Going to your first Defcon can be an intimidating experience. Going to your tenth Defcon can be an intimidating experience for some of us. This lets you break the ice and get to know some people that you will see roaming the halls of the con. They are fascinating people with incredible minds that can give you all sorts of information (hint hint contest delver)

    How can I get involved: Bring something that burns well on a grill, and something cold to drink, share some with others


    What should I wear: It's Vegas in the summer time and it is outdoors. You can wear a parka if you like, but I wouldn't suggest it.

    But I need a ride: I'll be the guy in the black kilt and ponytail (not sure where due to new location, but I'll post here and on #toxicbbq and #defconparties) between 1430 and leaving at 1500. I have a couple of seats I can offer, and normally there are a few others that show up with vehicles. We do a run to Sam's Club to pick up a bunch of things to burn before showing up at the park. If you think your going to get lost, need to pick up food (let's be real here, liquor), or want to be helpful, this is the time and place to show up.

    Where is the closest grocery store: There is an Albertsons nearby (south on Eastern), but if you want to attack a place in mass, show up at (location to be disclosed) between 1430 and leaving at 1500, and we'll figure out a way to shoehorn people and groceries into whatever we have.

    Where is the closest Liquor Store: This is Vegas baby, all the grocery stores are liquor stores.

    Should I bring extra: Toxic BBQ has always been known as a place of hey try this, I swear you'll like it

    I'm new (old, green, purple, from Mars, first con, been here since Defcon .035), should I come: Absolutely, this is the perfect place to meet like-minded individuals

    No really what should I bring: BYOE (Bring your own everything) We set this thing up, get some basic foodstuffs to get things started, and attempt to organize chaos, you bring everything else including the chaos.

    The not fun stuff: Nevada state parks do not allow glass containers in them. The police get nasty and take away your alcohol if it is in said glass containers. There is nothing we can do to undo this, so sorry.


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    The url is not working the way I want it to. So here is an easier one



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      Psst don't look now but that URL is busted too :)



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        It looks like the shortened url has an included "0" appended to it. Let's see if markup is working:!3m1!1s0x0:0x0 Google Maps location of park where Toxic BBQ has frequently happened.


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          CotMan is correct, and I appriciate the catch
          ~ G.


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            I'm interested in competing at the Titanium Chef! Where do I sign up?


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              It does not look like Titanium Chef will happen this year. Will get it setup for next year with the official contests et cetera..
              ~ G.


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                Excited to meet some friendly people at this BBQ and looking forward to the conference!


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                  Looks like the best meeting place is between the Street Sweeper (bronze), light pole, and information booth close to Defcon registration and the Paris parking garage. I'll be leaving at 1500 so we can make a store run before we hit the bbq. Anyone needing a ride, looking to help with rides, or want a store run meet up here. Will be posting updates on twitter #toxicbbq, and #defconparties