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    Anyone interested in getting together for a Fri night Shabbat Dinner or Shabbat Lunch during Def Con? Also if there is a minyan going on would love to join/be a part of it.

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    Over the past few years we've definitely had a minyan's worth of people, the only problem has been getting everyone organized ahead of time. I was actually coming onto the forums today to post about getting a minyan together for this year when I saw your post.

    I have at least 4 people already, so you would be number 5. Hopefully we can get 5 more to commit. If we can, I'll reach out and get us a Sefer Torah.

    I'll PM you about meals, etc.


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      Pls let me know also. I have a bunch of kosher food I got over at Albertsons that I can bring over to a room near the con before Shabbat. Would be great to have a minyan tonight or at least a meal.