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Who needs a ride? (From California)

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  • Who needs a ride? (From California)

    Weighing the option of trying to fly the short distance from California to Vegas, vs the option of just renting a car each way. It's pretty dang close to the same price, so if I can find one or two people who want to tag along for the ride and pitch in a bit, that'll clarify the decision for me. :-)

    Doesn't have to be an even split, I'll more than carry the load, but maybe an even split on gas and a small contribution to the rental would take the edge off enough to be worth it. Plus road trips are more fun anyways. More the merrier (cheaper) too, probably up to 3 more people max cause I want to get a cheap little 4/5 seater. Just gonna pick up/drop off same day, each way.

    If you're going to the con, looking for a ride, and you're somewhere in the central/southern California area, post here and let's talk.

    Super laid back, 26 M.

    P.S. I already have a room situation set up so this is JUST for the drive there and/or back. Gotta figure out your hotel deal on your own. But having this cheap of a ride there should help.

    Still have yet to decide if I'll leave on Wednesday (5th) or Thursday (6th), but that is possibly flexible if you have constraints. Returning on Monday (10th) after the con.


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    What part of California are you coming from?


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      The San Joaquin Valley area, gonna take the 58 to the 15, so anywhere nearish that route I'd be willing to go a bit out of the way for a pickup

      Edit: Also for obvious reasons I'm not gonna drive a minor by themselves, so 18+
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        i am in stockton with one other possible person from stockton as well


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          Still available to share a couple seats from Cali. To refine the search parameters here... Taking the 58 from near Edison, CA, down to the 15 at Barstow all the way into Vegas. Willing to drive maybe 45m-1hr off course to pick someone up if you're along that route anywhere. If so message me or reply here.