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EFF Holds Its First Badge Hacking Contest

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  • EFF Holds Its First Badge Hacking Contest

    Today we're launching a vintage badge contest for DC23. We're calling it the "EFF Badge Hack Pageant." Come show what mayhem you can inflict on a badge from any past cons and win fabulous prizes. 1o57 and Joe Grand are in to judge. More details to come, but go ahead and break out those collections now:
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    I would like to know you you and other people get those weird links. When I paste in links, it works for me:

    When I look at the content you included, I see the link I pasted. How did you insert that link in your post? Did you use copy/paste from a word doc or something?

    Thanks for any help you can provide so i can track down this bug and report it or find a work-around.



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      Yarrr. I thought that the GUI seemed fishy. I used the link button in the upper left instead of posting it inline. It also sort-of gives the option for a preview thumbnail. Thanks for checking it out.