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  • No Long Line For ME!!!!

    I am so glad Black Hat is allowing per-registration for DC. I was wondering how on earth I was going to have time to stand in line while attending the final day of BH. I'll get my DC badge with my BH badge!!!

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    I've seen old video from BH, where DEF CON badges are handed out on the last day, but there is a line. If you have not done this before, you should probably plan for this possibility. Granted, the lines for DEF CON badges at BlackHat has not been as long as the longest lines of DEF CON for badges, you should probably verify the assumption there will be no line.

    Additionally, there have been public discussion about DEF CON badges at BlackHat, and some ideas have included being given a token to turn-in at the normal DEF CON badge sales line. They have also looked into this token system for redemption of DEF CON badges on the last day of BlackHat.

    I'm not up-to-date on the latest of BlackHat and I do not work for BlackHat, so none of this is any official comment on BlackHat, only observations of past process and public discussions.


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      Well.... my big problem was that I needed to be at BH on Thursday and not in a line down the street. I sure hope that I don't have to turn in a token and stand in the line


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        I'm glad you're able to come and that you won't be inconvenienced, but this is kind of a shitty deal for everyone who isn't paying $1800+ for BH, and bragging about it won't make you many friends.