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Project 2: skipping a year, but maybe online?

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  • Project 2: skipping a year, but maybe online?

    The Dirtbags (the dummies who bring you Project 2 every year) do this thing where we rotate people out periodically so that we don't get burned out from running it. Well, the people whose turn it was to run Project 2 this year all have new jobs and can't get the time off to come to DEFCON. So we had to tell the contest folks we couldn't make it this year.

    We apologize to the people are bummed about this. Apparently we'd grown a fanbase. But we have every intention of coming back to DEFCON 24 next year, if the organizers will still have us.

    We are, however, kicking around the idea of running something online during the con this year, for other people who can't make it (and for people at the con who are able to get steady enough outside access to download chunks of puzzles). We'd have to re-run a lot of puzzles from prior years, and there'd be no award at the awards ceremony—I know some of you were really hoping to win the can of beans this year. Go ahead and reply in this thread: if there's enough interest we'll set something up.