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Derbycon 5.0 - Possible Team?

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  • Derbycon 5.0 - Possible Team?

    Hey everyone, I am not much of a social person to those who dont know me I am better known by one of my 2 handles shotgunner101, or SourceAvenger.

    I would like to see if anyone is considering attending Derbycon 5.0 this September and if so is anyone interested in forming up a team for the CTF event?
    Ive tried to compete alone in previous years and even though I scored flags I feel like I am missing out by not forming the social bonds with fellow CTF attendees. Would anyone be interested in teaming up for this years CTF event?

    I would love to team up with some people and enjoy the conference the way its meant to be enjoyed.

    Let me know if you all would like to do this. Thanks everyone!

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    Ok, so I saw this when it was posted and have been lurking to see the response. The short answer, I would *love* to do this but I have never done any kind of organized CTF activity at all. It's safe to assume that I would bring the team average down but I'm a quick learner and would absolutely love to be a part of something like this. I'm going to DC23 and have my ticket for Derbycon. All of that said, let me know where this stands and if you'd be interested in having a complete CTF n00b on the team.
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