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What is your best advice for people attending DEF CON for the first time?

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  • What is your best advice for people attending DEF CON for the first time?

    If you have been to DEF CON before, what advice would you give?

    Idea #1 : No matter how good your skills at "hacking" any domain-space, attend DEF CON 101 introduction to DEF CON as your first talk -- it has been a great source of advice from many people on how to make the best of the time you have at DEF CON.

    What are your ideas? What advice would you give to first-time attendees?


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    My recommendations:

    See link.

    tl;dr: Have fun. Don't do anything stupid. Be nice. Talk to everyone who wants to be talked to. Drink lots of water. Bring lots of extra clothes, shower twice daily.


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      If you're only focused on seeing talks, you're missing some of the best parts of the con. Talks will be online later. Go visit all of the villages, participate in some contests and events, and enjoy some of the entertainment.


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        "Don’t use any ATM around or in the Conference Center areas!"

        I think this is probably overblown. You're best off bringing enough cash to avoid needing to use an ATM, but if you do need to use one, I'd recommend using one located in a casino that can cash out slot tickets as well. Casinos won't tolerate anyone trying to tamper with their gambling network.


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          The usual, reach out and talk to people. Dont be concerned with talking to anyone no matter if they are speaker, volunteer, attendee - whatever. Just have fun.
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            Stay hydrated and bring lost of patience. Go to talks you want to see early. Get insoles for your shoes. Plan what what you want to go see before you get there, because you'll just get there and totally squirrel. Bring snacks. Bring a flask. Its okay to actually get a little sleep. Do all your holiday shopping a few months early in the vendor room. Plan to see the DJs/Producers in the main ball room at the night parties. Try new things. Ask questions. And I agree with Supersat- talks will be on line later (and also avail for purchase, although really $$) and go to the Villages. They are great hands on places to learn things. Go to the DC 101 things. Leave your ego at the door. Its hacker summer camp.
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              > Its hacker summer camp.

              Which means most of all, have fun and expand your horizons, whatever they may be and in whatever direction you please.


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                Get involved with something / anything. There is a LOT going on at DEF CON. The contests are a blast. Challenge yourself by trying something new. The villages are awesome to get some hands on and meet people. Hit a couple talks, but don't spend your entire con waiting in line to go to them. Above all, talk to people. If you don't wind up with some new friends and new contacts, you are doing DEF CON wrong. If it's your first time, do check out DC 101. They give out a lot of great information at that talk as to what to expect, things you should consider, and how to get the most out of your time.
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                  Introduce yourself to four strangers a day. You may go home with lifelong friends.


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                    Originally posted by astcell View Post
                    Introduce yourself to four strangers a day. You may go home with lifelong friends.

                    I always have booze in my room, usually way to much. But what I always do at least once or twice per day on the way back to my room, I ask whoever is in the elevator if they want to come get a drink. They almost always say yes and you make new friends, you never know where it will lead you or who you will meet.


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                      When you have extra alcohol, think of the goons!