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Who's looking for a team or is recruiting for a team? Make yourselves be known here.

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  • Who's looking for a team or is recruiting for a team? Make yourselves be known here.

    We've had a few people register as individuals looking for a team. There are bound to be others wanting to participate, who are coming to DEFCON alone, and would like to join a team. Our facebook page and our DEFCON23 forums contest forum are good places to start looking for a team or recruiting for one..... Anyone else looking for a team? Or want to build one? State your intentions here or suffer the pain of regret silently.....

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    Always looking to learn from others. Any teams looking....


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      First time at DEFCON this year, don't have a team yet but looking to build one! If anyone's interested, just shoot me a message.


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        Team "Paradox Club" just registered and is looking for "co-conspirators".
        Here's Team Paradox Club recruiting pitch:
        "Like Dogma Lars Von Treer style? C0nfid3nt but not a headc@se? Join me for a solid collaboration. I plan on having a great time making a great short film. I've got a plan and need co-conspirators."

        Anyone interested in this specific team or wanting help finding a team should go to and register as an individual looking for a team and I'll help make intros etc.


        TD Francis X-Hour Film Contest
        Contest Creator/Organizer 1 of 2

        (Waz and iDontDriveCars/Dan
        Contest Creator/Organizer 2 of 2)


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          Paradox Club..cute. But another group just joined. Natural Born Dark Angels of the Tangent Priest Bunny Society. Looking for a couple of members.
          +++ Dallas +++


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            Hello, I am looking to team up! have equipment and skill set......