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Do you need a DJ at your party or gathering?

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  • Do you need a DJ at your party or gathering?

    This is rather late but if you need a DJ at Defcon there are several available.
    Use this thread to announce you as an available DJ, or if you are in need of an DJ.

    Write what equipment you can or will supply (both DJ and organizer).

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    And to start it off,
    If you need a nerdish EDM VJ I am available the whole week. I play for booze.
    I will play as an official DJ at Defcon 23 Friday (2015-08-07) from 20:00 to 21:00.
    As I will bring my equipment from Sweden I sure want to use them at other parties too ;)

    Link to my bio at Defcon:

    I will only play at parties where you expect people to be dancing.

    I just need a table and speakers. It will be extra fun if I can play videos/clips too. Projector and screen is optional.
    Just send me a PM.
    //Sigtrap aka VJ Q.Alba
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      Hey! I am Jill, A european DJ currently Djing in clubs & underground venues in San Francisco. I host a weekly radio show. I release new mixes every week, and would LOVE to DJ at DEFCON.

      Are there any cool underground/late night parties that you need a DJ for?

      my style is Berlin-esque, underground melodic techno & deep house.

      My music & mixes are here.

      My number is 4152542139

      I am in Vegas Thurs-Mon with USB with hours of underground beats, ready to play!