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DEF CON consolidated Schedule in various formats (ebook,html)

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  • DEF CON consolidated Schedule in various formats (ebook,html)

    Some years ago when I started planning for DEF CON I realized that I'd much prefer to have the program and other info in an eBook for my new Kindle then leafing back and forth in the paper program of Talks trying to figure out which talk to go to next. This problem has only gotten worst as DEF CON has gotten larger with even more things to do at any one time. This year there are times when you have a choice of 25 or more events to go to!

    SO . . .

    In response to this perceived need, for the Fifth year in a row, I've started scraping the Schedule, Recent News, FAQ, etc. from the DEF CON 23 and other sites and have created eBooks in the two most popular file formats. New for this year I've added in the entities with their own talk tracks such as the Workshops, Demo Labs, various Villages, Wall Of Sheep, IoT, etc. so that you can have Single Source Planning :)

    As the pages on the DEF CON web get updated I'll update the books so you have the latest info at least till just before con starts, after that I'll be busy.

    These files are available here

    This is a work in progress. I'll be making improvements between now and the start of con.
    If an event is missing, or has wrong info, please let me know day/time/room/what so I can add/fix it!

    Feel free to let me know what you think.

    Please copy this thread to the "Defcon 23 and beyond" forum when it is created.
    Please consider placing some reference to these files on the main con site.
    Please consider mentioning in some of the various twitter feeds out there.

    ADVthaAnksNCE And have a good time at DEF CON 23!
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    This is pretty awesome, Thanks for this resource.
    r00t for the home team


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      V2 of the books and schedule is out. I've added the Entertainment/Music and the IoT and Social engineering Villages.
      Even more Village's schedules have been released and I'll begin working on adding them also. The schedules are coming out faster than I can add them!
      It's going to be a VERY busy DEF CON.

      The schedules of all events happening at DEF CON are spread out across about 10 different web pages ( I've found 10, there could be more ).
      A main intent of mine is to combine all of these into one place so that you can easily see what all is going on at any one time.

      If you find this service useful, please pass knowledge of it's existence on to others so that they can also use it.



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        V3 of the books and schedule is out. I've added the BioHacking, Wireless, and CryptoPrivacy Villages.

        Still have some odd/ends cleaning of things to do and have yet to scour the forums etc for the additional events, parties/contests/getogethers/etc.


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          Thread creator requested thread title change. Now title is: "DEF CON consolidated Schedule in various formats (ebook,html)"



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            V4 of the books and schedule is out. This is most likely the last release. Panic time to start packing!

            Now includes ICS VIllage / parties, nightlife and other after hours events, various schedule changes

            This is everything I've found to date.