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Car Hacking Village Capture The VIN Badge

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  • Car Hacking Village Capture The VIN Badge

    We hope (as long as our CM can ship them to us before DC23) to have a Car Hacking Village Badge.

    What is it? It will be a hackable badge that will run an open source, C-Like scripting language called PAWN ( We will run classes on how to hack the badge and how to use PAWN. You will be able send and receive vehicle network data (CAN Bus data) using the badge itself.

    The badge will also grab the VIN from modern 2008+ newer vehicles. In the Car Hacking Village we will have a contest to see who captures the most VINs from other cars.

    We have a very limited supply so stop by the CHV early to grab one. Similar to the HHV, we will only release a handful per day so if you don't get one, try the next day. $50 Cash Only. No Change Given so bring exact bills. Strict One Per Person.

    FYI, it will be the amazing, really amazing.

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    This sounds really interesting. Will you start selling them Thursday?


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      We'll start Friday at 10.


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        I snagged this CAN-BUS badge at Defcon, but just now am starting to try and play with it. I downloaded the badge SDK which seems to only include windows binaries (where is the linux love?). pawncc.exe compiles example programs just fine, spitting out an .amx file as expected, but the QCMLoader program give this error everywhere I've tried it:

        QCMLoader.exe -c hello_world.amx
        System.Exception: Could not open dongle
        at QCMLoader.QCMMsg..ctor()
        at QCMLoader.Program.Main(String[] args)

        I'm trying to use an Adafruit FTDI Friend to talk to the badge.

        Is it possible to get some documentation (and source code) for QCMLoader? At the very least, it would be nice to know what flag to use to point at a specific COM port. I dug through all the other included docs, and could not find any details on QCMLoader besides the -c flag (page 13 of Pawn.pdf).

        The URL provided in that same pdf with "more QCM info" ( ) is no longer registered, domain name expired.

        Thanks for any information you can provide, I look forward to jumping into CAN bus hacking soon!

        Edit: Just found this repo
        That contains an updated version of QCMLoader which works with my FTDI cable, as well as a BusPirate.
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          Anyone have any good PAWN scripts to run on the badge for interfacing with something like SocketCan, as referenced as a possibility in lanrat's github page?

          Also, now that the DEFCON 23 and the official car hacking badge VIN collection contest is over, would it be possible to get the source of the "Game" code? Specifically, I would love to know how to dump out the VINs I collected, and/or a simple script that prints out the VIN and basic diag info.